What’s Your Excuse? Your LinkedIn Photo Part 1

No photo on your Profile?  No_photo_large

  • You know you should
  • You really mean to (when you have time / a good photo, etc.)
  • You’ve got to make sure your hair is just right
  • After you’ve had your hair cut and color done
  • You want to do it when your skin is clear
  • You’ll do it after a makeover
  • You’ll do it when you lose some weight / have plastic surgery
  • You really wish you’d had a good photo taken when you were younger
  • You really don’t want people to see how old /fat /ugly you think you are
  • You’ll do it when you can afford to have a professional photo taken
  • It’s really not that important to have a photo on your profile, is it?

What’s your excuse?

I’ll be talking this week about why it’s so important to have a photo on your LinkedIn profile and also about how to work effectively with a photographer to get a good photo.