Hiring Sandra was the best recent action I’ve taken for my business. There have been so many changes to the LinkedIn platform and Sandra helped me to not only understand the changes but educated me on best practices to successfully use these updates for maximum return. Her two-hour LinkedIn mentor session is packed with valuable learning and we overhauled my profile in real-time. I am now more confident engaging and presenting myself authentically on LinkedIn. Thank you, Sandra!

Scott Masciarelli, Executive Leadership and Career Coach

Sandra helped me present my authentic self on my LinkedIn profile and really took the time to understand me as a unique individual. I’m grateful for her help and expertise. Sandra also assisted me in presenting my professional skills in a manner that enhanced my LinkedIn profile. I highly recommend Sandra to others who are interested in enhancing their LinkedIn profile and being understood as a unique individual in the process.

Kurt Weirich, Senior Auditor

Friends… Sandra has the inside scoop on LinkedIn. While the rest of us are running our businesses, Sandra is showing us how to get ahead with the never-ending changes within LinkedIn. She’s helping me right now with my profile and marketing. She’s reasonably priced and energetically ready to assist you.

Jennifer Culver, Coach

Sandra is amazing. In our first 2-hour session she coached me through several changes and updates to my LinkedIn profile. I realized my DIY approach meant that I wasn’t aware of many new features that will enhance the visibility and usefulness of my profile. Sandra had a lot of quick tips and tricks that I wasn’t aware of that make my profile stand out. Sandra’s got a light, enjoyable presence that made the time fly and made me eager for more. I strongly endorse Sandra!

Minda Cutcher, Financial Caregiving

Sandra was absolutely outstanding. She is calm, thorough, extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher. Sandra guides you through the process working side by side with you on a shared screen so you gain the confidence and understanding of the wonderful world of LinkedIn and how it can be of benefit to you and your business. I cannot recommend her services enough.

Maggie Ives, Realtor

Before Sandra, my LinkedIn profile was a disaster and I had no idea how to optimize my utilization of the site. With her guidance, I now have four times the connections I did when we started, and I have really professional looking profiles for both myself and my consulting company. Sandra is a gem and I would encourage anyone who needs help with their LinkedIn page to work with her.

Susan Kawala, Nonprofit Governance Consultant

I was stalling on updating my Linked In profile and, more importantly, learning to get Linked In to work for me by being smarter about how I use it. I happened upon some very insightful posts from Sandra and reached out to start a dialogue about working together. She is super smart and practical about how she works with clients and adds a ton of value. I am still learning from her and highly recommend working with her if you need to up your game. Hint: subscribe to her newsletter so you stay up to date on changes at Linked In!

Ann-Marie McGowan, Chief Operating Officer

Before working with Sandra, my profile wasn’t working for me. The recruiting attention I was receiving did not match where I wanted to go, it matched specific duties I had previously performed. Sandra took the time to learn who I am, what I’d done, and what were my future goals. She helped me think about my talents in a manner that changed the way I presented them. In one month (almost to the day!) of Sandra’s coaching, I was recruited for a position that exactly matched my experience, talents, and goals. I am everything they wanted and they were able to see it. I am beyond excited with my new employment and I am very grateful for Sandra’s help crafting my LinkedIn profile for a perfect fit.

Monica Santos, Sr Technical Project Manager

As I continue to develop my strategy consulting practice, Sandra gave me extremely valuable training on LinkedIn. Sandra not only provided me with a terrific overview of LinkedIn and its capabilities but she also guided me through a step-by-step process to review and update my profile. I felt like I was a real “insider” since Sandra told me about all of the latest developments with LinkedIn. Beyond the content that Sandra provided, I felt she genuinely cared about my career and me. I have already recommended Sandra to several people and would be delighted to continue to recommend her with confidence.

Margaret Abeles, Strategy and Marketing Leader

Like many, I was a casual user of LinkedIn for many years, not putting much effort into establishing a presence on the platform and not understanding why I should spend my energy doing so. In the summer of 2019, I was transitioning careers and sought advice on how best to go about it. A former colleague of mine suggested that I find a coach to help me improve my presence on LinkedIn. I decided to give it a try, found Sandra, checked out her website, and scheduled an initial consultation over video. She learned more about me and my goals and direction. She took great interest in helping me better understand how to utilize the LinkedIn platform to further my career ambitions effectively. I decided to become a client and within weeks (just a few sessions), began to reap the benefits of her expertise and knowledge. Many of my colleagues remarked to me how much more professional, complete, and intriguing my LinkedIn profile was. I, too, noticed a tremendous positive change in my engagement metrics following Sandra’s many suggestions. Sandra is a coach in the real sense of the word: the work was always mine to perform, I would succeed or fail based on my actions. When not engaged during a coaching session, Sandra was extremely responsive to my many emails, nearly always responding within the hour or the same day. Having worked with Sandra for two months, I feel much more confident and empowered now to make the best use of LinkedIn in the future.

Geoff Mendal, Leadership Coach and Author

I’ve known Sandra as a colleague for several years, and I had the pleasure of working with her to optimize my LinkedIn profile. Especially given the constant changes Linked In continues to make, it can be a real challenge to keep up and know the ins and outs in order to keep your profile current and to fully leverage the benefits LinkedIn enables. Sandra is a first-rate navigator to help guide her clients to stay on top of LinkedIn, and she does so in an engaging way. Keeping my LinkedIn profile updated is among my least favorite tasks as a business owner, and Sandra has been endlessly patient with me even as she has supported me in consistently nudging and encouraging me to take the steps necessary to get it done (and to keep going!). I can’t recommend Sandra highly enough if you need a dedicated LinkedIn ninja .

Kelli Richards, Digital Media Executive

Sandra is an incredibly knowledgeable LinkedIn Consultant. Over the space of 2 hours, she helped me dramatically improve my profile. She is nice, easy to work with and has no end to incredibly valuable suggestions! I highly recommend Sandra for all things LinkedIn.  

Bob Finley, CFO and Partner at FLG Partners

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