How Personal Should You Get On LinkedIn?

The Perils and Payoffs of getting personal on LinkedIn We’re constantly being told we should be authentic on LinkedIn and many people are left wondering just how authentic should they be?  Confessing your criminal record and an inability to hold a job for more than a month or two (not that I’m equating those two things necessarily) may not be your best move.  There are some items in your background that might be worth sharing. And the answer for each of you on how personal you should get on ...
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Why Even Experts Need Help to Market Themselves on LinkedIn

Even Experts Need Help
Originally written for and published by EM Marketing (a San Francisco-based consulting firm and agency, founded by a marketer for other marketers.) Cobbler’s Children I have many engineers and financial professionals among my clients needing help to showcase their personal brand on their LinkedIn profile. It’s something of a shock to me to realize how many of my clients are marketing professionals. These are smart, successful marketers who have done amazing things for their clients. But some...
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