Why Do Consultants Have Crappy LinkedIn Profiles?

Originally written for the Women in Consulting (WIC) blog. I just read a content marketing article that said I should be provocative and emotional in my headline.  My style is usually much more supportive and complimentary. However, now I’ve got your attention, let’s look at some of the problems consultants have with their LinkedIn profiles. Consultants are smart (more…)
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Down the Rabbit Hole with LinkedIn – when, where, and how often to post blogs

It seems a good time to take a break from talking about the new LinkedIn desktop user interface and get back to some of the many ways Linked in can help promote you and your brand. Posting on LinkedIn – is it worth it? If you expecting to start writing on LinkedIn and immediately have this huge following of people reading, liking and commenting on LinkedIn, I would suggest you save your time and effort for other marketing efforts (or spend your money on some other get-rich-quick scheme...
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Why Even Experts Need Help to Market Themselves on LinkedIn

Even Experts Need Help
Originally written for and published by EM Marketing (a San Francisco-based consulting firm and agency, founded by a marketer for other marketers.) Cobbler’s Children I have many engineers and financial professionals among my clients needing help to showcase their personal brand on their LinkedIn profile. It’s something of a shock to me to realize how many of my clients are marketing professionals. These are smart, successful marketers who have done amazing things for their clients. But some...
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