Featured Section on LinkedIn

As of 2020, LinkedIn added a “featured” section where you can highlight links, videos, articles, posts, and more!  Everyone can use this section, but you have to pay attention and decide what to add. You should pay attention to see if this is will make a difference to what you show on LinkedIn. If you’ve ever added a video or other attachment to your “About” section, it will automatically appear in the new “Featured” section. However, If you’ve ever written an article on LinkedIn and are used to it showing prominently under your “Activity” section, it will seem to have disappeared – or at least become much less visible, so it’s time to now add it to the Featured section.

► If you have never added any rich media (video links, pictures, or presentations) to your About section on LinkedIn, you may not even notice any difference. And you may be missing an opportunity.

► If you have added media to your About section, it will automatically be moved to the new Featured section. It will look more obvious and will really showcase what’s there.  You can also easily edit it.

► If you’ve written articles in the past and enjoyed the way the most recent one showed prominently on your profile, showcasing your thought leadership, you’ll now see it’s almost invisible and hard to find. You’ll need to take action to make it show by adding it to the Featured section.

► If there are links or documents you’ve always wished to display prominently on your profile (e.g., your company page or a company document), there’s now a place to put them.

► If you pay for Business Premium on Linkedin, you can feature different sections of your profile, including a recommendation.

There are pros and cons to how this new feature appears, but you need to pay attention to it.

I would love to talk with you about the benefits of having a great profile on LinkedIn, how to use it without it taking up more time than you can afford, what’s appropriate for you to share on LinkedIn, and how I could help you with your professional goals.  For qualified individuals with already optimized profiles, I offer short training sessions to show you how to take advantage of this new Featured section. Please schedule a free 20-minute strategy consultation to see how I might be able to assist you.

Learn how to add the Featured section in this 5-minute video.