Why You Need a Photo on your LinkedIn Profile

  1. It’s good manners to include a photo in your LinkedIn profile. Just like offering a handshake when you first meet someone.
  2. Many people automatically reject connection requests from people who don’t have profile photos
  3. People who met you but aren’t sure about your name will know it’s the “Mary Smith” they’d met (7,360 results to choose from!)

Mary Smith on LinkedIn

4. Without a photo, people may poke fun at your profile with all the excuses they think you have for not posting your photo.

  • You’re in the secret witness program
  • You don’t want people to see the terrible comb-over you have
  • You broke the camera when someone took a picture of you

When I’m talking to someone on the phone who I haven’t yet met, I look at their photo on LI to make it feel more like a friendly conversation. I feel like I’m getting to know you and when we do meet I recognize you. I also tend to smile more and feel more engaged with the person I’m talking to.   Please don’t make me talk to a blank space!

The headshot should look like you. That means it should be no more than two or three years old and should represent you as you want to be seen by your target audience whether that’s a potential client or an employer.

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