My Trick To Avoid Over-Thinking

I may have become more comfortable over time showing myself on LinkedIn with my posts and videos but it still doesn’t always come easily. Sometimes I have to use tricks to get myself to write or record something. I’m not against bribes or tricks. I share here one of my little tricks to getting stuff out there in the public. I’d love to hear what you do to get yourself to be more visible on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Mentoring offers a number of ways to support your use of and your ability to leverage LinkedIn, whether it’s to grow your business, find employment, raise your visibility as a thought leader and expert, or attract top-notch talent for your organization. I work globally through online sessions with screen-sharing on Zoom. I’m equally comfortable working one-to-one or in large groups, and love to “teach to fish” so clients can hit the ground running on their own LI profile.