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Do you have just one job/just one career identity? If so, LinkedIn should be easy for you.

But what about all the people who have more than one job, more than one career, or also work as a contractor under the auspices of their own company?   LinkedIn isn’t really set up to accommodate you, but you can manipulate it to work for you.

Here are the main types of concerns regarding being more than one thing on LinkedIn:

1. You work full-time for a company, but you’re starting your own business on the side

2. You have two different businesses – now what?

3. You own a consulting business and have worked on a variety of projects and contracts

These are the main concerns I help clients address successfully, but your situation might be unique.

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“I hired Sandra to put some order on my LinkedIn profile to showcase and position my two different professional aspects: a full-time job and a coaching business. Thanks to her deep professional insights and challenging coaching questions, I looked at my LinkedIn profile in a completely new way. I realized how much I can be in control of what I want to obtain through LinkedIn and of how people will perceive me. It is me who decides how much and what to show! In fact, it is not only the information I put inside that matters but also the order I choose. Chronology of experience is not a constraint anymore. It is all about choosing what I want to put the accent on. Sandra’s continued support in the 2 weeks after our session was extremely useful. Sandra helped me not only learn more about how to use LinkedIn but also in changing my mindset and point of view. I warmly recommend her to anyone who needs support and enlightening on how to operate and get the best out of LinkedIn.”

Simeonka Manova PhD, Multilingual Executive Coach