Success Stories

“I first witnessed Sandra’s incredible knowledge as part of a group meeting where Sandra was a guest presenter. After just five minutes it was clear to everyone in the room that we were privileged to be hearing directly from a person who was an expert on how to best position your LinkedIn profile.
I followed up with Sandra after the presentation and she immediately responded and provided me with several days and times to meet. I found our meeting highly productive and not only did I walk away with a clear road map of what I needed to accomplish to update my LinkedIn profile but in the process Sandra showed me a multitude of “tricks” on how to maximize my use of LinkedIn. These “tricks” were in themselves worth the time I spent with Sandra. After my meeting with Sandra I made the suggested changes and she subsequently reviewed my update not once but 4 times until she was satisfied! I have had very positive feedback from the suggestions provided to me by Sandra and highly recommend her to any person looking to maximize their LinkedIn profile”
Bernard Lauper, CEO, MacCorkle Insurance Service

Of the three LinkedIn experts I know, Sandra is head and shoulders above the rest. Sandra keeps it simple, making it easy to apply her sound advice. She pays attention to what WE want to accomplish and is honest about what LI can and cannot do. I very much value her approach to working with bossy consultant-types (moi) who struggle with things like LI profile changes (moi). I also enjoy reading her articles. I highly recommend her services and training.
Shawn A. Greene, Author “I’d Rather Have a Root Canal Than Do Cold Calling!” 

Christine Penchuk“As a digital marketing professional, a majority of my focus is on my clients’ online presence. When it came time to freshen up and improve my own online presence, I hired Sandra to provide me with professional feedback regarding my LinkedIn profile. Not only did Sandra help me create a profile that shines, she also shared many uncommon tips about the platform that have helped me gain an edge. Sandra was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her to any business professional, job seeker or recent college grad looking to make their profile stand out and gain more traction. ”
Christine Penchuk, Partner, Search Strategy Marketing

Sandra helped me make my profile more complete and to take advanLiza Hankstage of LinkedIn features that I wasn’t even aware of. With her help, I’m now able to share my blog posts with a wider audience and present myself in a more engaging manner. She was efficient, well-informed, and a great instructor.”
Liza Hanks, Attorney, Author and Speaker


“SandJeff Kuhnra is a really terrific LinkedIn coach. We engaged her to work with all of my partners on their LinkedIn pages, and without exception each of them were super pleased with her knowledge, style, approach and results. I highly recommend her.”
Jeffrey Kuhn, Managing Partner FLG Partners



theresa-marcroft“Working as an interim CMO for small and medium-sized Silicon Valley companies, I was looking for ways to promote awareness of MarketSavvy and my services, and highlight my 15th anniversary in business. Since my past clients refer me to future clients, leveraging LinkedIn is key. Sandra has been instrumental in advancing my LinkedIn skills and knowledge.”
Theresa Marcroft, CMO/VP Mktg Consultant


andrew-greenSandra is a practical and expert advisor/coach on all things LinkedIn. A pleasure to work with, Sandra was terrific in tailoring her extensive knowledge to help me take specific steps to increase the value I get from my LinkedIn activities. She’s really committed to her clients’ success and ready to go above and beyond when necessary. I recommend her to anyone who’s looking to maximize the value they’re getting from their LinkedIn activities.
Andrew Green, Growth Strategy | Strategy Execution


Kathy Lewis“Sandra mentored me on how to revise my LinkedIn page as I transitioned from a full time employee to an independent consultant. Her coaching was invaluable in that she showed me how to position myself & describe my skill sets. She was flexible, accommodating & was a joy to work with. When I am ready to take my page to the next level, I will contact Sandra again!”
Kathy Lewis, Consultant and Trainer to Medical Device companies


Chris Taylor“Sandra has tremendous expertise in creating effective LinkedIn profiles. In a relatively short period of time she was able to guide me through a transformation of mine that made me better stand apart from others, convey a stronger story, and organize it in a way that was much easier for someone to read. Some of the suggestions were obvious but I couldn’t see them before. Others were like a lightbulb going off because of how much sense they made. I finally felt proud of my profile when we were done. If LinkedIn is important to you, I highly recommend Sandra’s expertise to help you get your presence to another level.”
Chris Taylor, VP Marketing

Lisa Benatar“Sandra provided just what I needed–someone to help me dive into the process of creating a LinkedIn profile and exploring opportunities in my area of expertise–renewable energy technologies. She brings perspective from working extensively with professionals in the LinkedIn community, and she also insightfully identifies strengths that should be highlighted. Time working with Sandra was time well spent.
Lisa Benatar, Renewable Energy Advocate


Diana Adachi“Sandra is very personable, flexible, thoughtful and thorough with her feedback. She took the time to learn more about my background asking provocative questions to ensure I was articulating my Linked In profile well. Sandra explained and provided guidance on how to best use Linked In. I recommend her highly.”
Diana Adachi, Global Payments Industry Executive 


Sara Benson“As a training and development professional, I found working with Sandra to be easy and productive. Her passion for LinkedIn and the opportunities it provides is genuine. In addition to recommending changes to improve my profile, she emphasized the importance of ongoing engagement on LinkedIn to maximize results. I’m now using LinkedIn daily to share information and to endorse and recommend colleagues. I am seeing increased views of my profile as a result. I recommend Sandra to anyone who wants to make an impact with LinkedIn.”
Sara Benson, Senior Training Manager

JoAnn Luich“Sandra is an approachable, personable, results-oriented coach and trainer. Her training class was excellent and inspired me to hire her for LinkedIn coaching. She went the extra mile for me to make it easy to work with her and accomplish excellent results. She was available for follow-up and added value in many ways to accommodate me. I highly recommend Sandra as a trainer and coach!”
JoAnn Luich, Project Analyst


Randy Burrows“I highly recommend Sandra for her expertise on LinkedIn, and specifically for her knowledge and advice in profile building. She has great practical knowledge and knows the finer points of the LinkedIn technology. She is very responsive and a pleasure to work with.”
Randall Burrows, Business Consultant | Attorney




“I highly recommend Sandra for her ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly, explain LinkedIn easily and efficiently, and her personable style. I got real value in a short amount of time. Sandra pinpointed things that I wouldn’t otherwise have realized and they make a big difference.”
Denise Brouilette, CEO, Leadership Development Strategist, Senior Executive Coach



Neil Lieberman“Sandra is a master of both the art and the science of creating effective LinkedIn profiles and using them to best advantage. Whatever your age and comfort level with LinkedIn, she has an uncanny ability start with where you are, understand what you want LinkedIn to do for you, and bring you to where her extensive experience tells her you need to be. And if I’m any example, she makes the process far more enjoyable than it has any right to be! To get the most out of your time with her, use her initial consultation to get a sense of what she thinks you need to do to reach your LinkedIn goals and then do your homework prior to your working session.”
Neil Lieberman, Chief Marketing Officer

Geri“I needed to update my LinkedIn profile, and turned to Sandra to help me. I do quite a bit of marketing, but when it came to myself, I just could not see what I needed to do. Sandra helped me focus on what is important to me, and in just one online session, I had the major updates in place. In followup sessions, Sandra helped me refine the details. I knew the right things to do, but it was so much easier with Sandra’s expert guidance. Sandra really does know what you need to focus on – even without implementing everything she suggested, my profile views are 35% higher in just two weeks.” Geri Schneider Winters, CTO

kevin-soohoo-new“Sandra is an excellent resource when it came to LinkedIn Coaching. She personally helped me and my CFO with some great tips. We liked her so much that we brought her in to teach a class of 25 other Leaders in our company. Thanks so much Sandra for your guidance and inspiration!”
Kevin Soohoo, Field CTO at Rhumbix



Will Dailey photo“Sandra is singularly responsible for a major boost in my career. She provided not only training but wise professional advice. She is very insightful to the changing dynamics of Silicon Valley and her recommendations were astute. I have keenly recommended her services to a number of my own professional relationships.”
Will Dailey, IT executive


Jan Oldenburg“Sandra provided me with step-by-step training on improving my LinkedIn profile to make me more findable by employers and to emphasize my skills and capabilities. She is deeply knowledgeable about what works, knows the ins and outs of LinkedIn, and even followed up to make sure I was showing up in the search results that mattered to me and to offer more suggestions. Thanks to Sandra’s advice, I was found by a potential employer within two months and landed a great new position!”
Jan Oldenburg, Healthcare executive

“My firm Pacific Consulting Group hired Sandra to train our staff on making the most out of LinkedIn both for individual networking and firm marketing. She was super organized, explained the mechanics in concrete ways, and communicated the benefits in a way that did in fact persuade many of our employees to take action. Her follow up was excellent. Sandra has the traits you would want in a corporate trainer – she listens carefully to the client’s needs and designs a thoughtful and well-paced session, while being attentive to the unique culture and styles.”
Yvonne Nomizu, Consulting company executive

“Before my one-on-one session with Sandra, I had no idea how powerful LinkedIn can be, and also how much control I can have over what the world does or doesn’t see. She coached me through thinking about how to present myself, and the tools in LinkedIn to do this. What makes Sandra such an effective coach is her passion for learning about how to leverage LinkedIn, and her compassionate and effective teaching style.”
Wako Takayama, User Research consultant


“I have worked with Sandra for 18 months. Sandra exemplifies the trainers at Silicon Valley Training Connect. She is expert at coaching and training people and teams about many aspects of promoting and conducting business and also about optimizing LinkedIn and other networking profiles. She is charming, kind, a pleasure to work with, and sensitive to the varying needs of different clients. Having worked with many other coaches and trainers, I would choose Sandra hands down and recommend her and her work most strongly and without reservation.”
Pieter Kark, MD, Executive coach

“Sandra is a very generous, insightful, patient, and exceptional trainer.  She’s detail-oriented, and explains concepts clearly and in a thoughtful manner to her pupil. She is a jewel and wonderful to work with. She came up with great suggestions to reposition myself on my profile.”
Shannon McElyea, Startup business development consultant



“Sandra looked at my LinkedIn profile and helped me see that I needed to decide what I wanted to do. I needed to pick something and then make LinkedIn and other messaging clean and clear about myself. Well, that’s exactly what I did. I followed Sandra’s advice and decided to go back and sell again. I just received an offer from Oracle to be an account executive on a large, enterprise account—and I am excited!”
Cathy Fitzgerald, Account Executive, Oracle


“I would highly recommend Sandra Clark to anyone seeking to optimize their LinkedIn profile for networking or job searching. With her good humor and sincere approach, she shows you how to use the many features to showcase your best assets as well as customize the tools to enhance your network. Sandra gives smart advice. She focuses on her client’s strengths and shows them how to create a comprehensive, consistent, and unique profile in a matter of steps. Furthermore, Sandra is not only savvy, but also incredibly thorough, patient, and knowledgeable.”
Sheila Shea, Strategy Consultant

updated pic 0315“As a recent college graduate, I was interested in creating a LinkedIn profile that welcomed viewers, while highlighting my interests and achievements. Sandra helped me achieve this goal and was a pleasure to work with. She was direct with her feedback and gave suggestions for improving not only my LinkedIn appearance, but also my networking skills. Her advice has helped me to better manage my connections and utilize LinkedIn for its full range of capabilities.”
Elaine Stanfield


Amy Krieger“As a graduating MIS student looking for employment, I found Sandra’s workshop for students to be very helpful. She walked us through the steps to update our profiles, and for some to start from scratch. She also showed us some of the less common known areas for improving our visibility on LinkedIn. Overall, I found it to be a very useful workshop, and would recommend her services to anyone trying to improve their LinkedIn profile.”
Amy Krieger