LinkedIn – You’re Breaking My Heart


I thought it might be me.  I tried different things.  I tried to make the relationship work.  You know I love you, right? Breaking off all contact was just cruel. I was willing to discuss this in counseling but you just kept giving mixed messages.


They were just friends – honestly!   You didn’t have to remove my notes from my connections of the last 8 years.


1 year later (no note – just the last communication between us)


Have you noticed anything missing on your LinkedIn connections lately?

  • Email addresses
  • Relationship tab
  • Notes
  • Tagging

If you never noticed you had these wonderful features, you won’t be too upset that they’re frequently missing these days.  There are a number of forums where LinkedIn aficionados and trainers share knowledge and discuss LinkedIn’s strengths and weaknesses.  We compare notes and solutions and responses from LinkedIn to our questions.  We share our own solutions.  We counsel patience.  I confess we occasionally rant and rave a little and there’s even some threatening that goes on.

A sampling of comments in LinkedIn’s Premium Help Center from the Community:

Feb 3 – from @linkedinhelp – “It’s actually a known issue our team is looking into. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. It’s not a feature change though!

Mar 3 – from a user – “Guess what? I’m sitting in on a webinar conducted by a LinkedIn employee…I asked him about this. He told me the relationship tab/tagging functionality is going away. Developers are working on something else that we’ll have to pay for. Major fail.”

 It’s not you!

Sometimes refreshing the page works and the features magically reappear



Sometimes it will work in a different browser

I had 4 separate tabs open this morning, all open to different first degree connections in LinkedIn.  Two showed the relationship and contact info. Two didn’t show anything. Refreshing the page didn’t help the missing info reappear but refreshing on the pages that were showing the info made the information disappear.

I was able to add a note to one connection this morning as an example for a presentation but then it was gone.

What to do?

I’ve never been one to meditate but I am known for teaching that change happens and you just need to go with the  coupleflow and get used to shifting sand. So now I’m having to follow my own advice but am also seriously considering taking up meditation  (and medication!) before LinkedIn gives me high blood pressure that I can’t recover from.  A sense of humor helps.


I’m just not ready to break up for good. LinkedIn – please tell me you’re willing to make this relationship work. I still love you.