I work with select clients who want to develop and showcase their professional and personal brand.  Taking a careful look at how you want to be seen and how you actually are showing up, we’ll work through the process of identifying your personal brand and the steps to take to grow and broadcast that brand from your profile to your online activity. While the tool to showcase this is primarily through LinkedIn, the value in clarifying your brand will show up everywhere from the workplace to your personal life.

  • Strategy and goal-setting Session
  • Two half-hour private Zoom calls (topics of your choice)
  • Unlimited email
  • Urgent laser issues 15 minute  for unforeseen circumstances calls as needed
  • An open invitation to the monthly group coaching Mentoring Academy Zoom meetings

Choose 3 or 6 months period $600/month

You may also choose to purchase blocks of hours to use as needed.

Please contact me to discuss options: sandra@linkedinmentoring.com

“Like many, I was a casual user of LinkedIn for many years, not putting much effort into establishing a presence on the platform and not understanding why I should spend my energy doing so.  I noticed a tremendous positive change in my engagement metrics following Sandra’s many suggestions. Sandra is a coach in the real sense of the word: the work was always mine to perform, I would succeed or fail based on my actions. When not engaged during a coaching session, Sandra was extremely responsive to my many emails, nearly always responding within the hour or the same day. I feel much more confident and empowered now to make the best use of LinkedIn in the future.”
Greg Mendel, Leadership Facilitator and Coach,  Infrastructure Engineering Manager, Author & Chef