I work with select clients who want to develop and showcase their professional and personal brand. 

Showcase your thought leadership, build your brand, and grow your network in a way that supports your goals for using LinkedIn.  You will learn how to share your posts and get feedback on strategies to improve them and your visibility on LinkedIn.

This is a program to learn to post appropriate content on LinkedIn that is most effective. With more than ten different types of posts to choose from, under my guidance, you’ll learn how to do the type of posts that work for your brand. We’ll identify what works for you, what you’re willing to commit to doing, and what schedule makes sense for you. I’ll teach you how to evaluate what works so you can increase your competence and results.

4 months (renewable as desired)

1.    30-minute 1:1 recorded intro session to collaboratively set goals – i.e. daily activity, weekly #of posts, identify the type of post to do (text, image, document, video, etc.)

3.    Weekly 15-minute check-in – by Zoom or can be done by email. Report activity, number, type of posts, and the number of views/reactions/comments.

4.    3 Monthly 30-minute instructional Zoom meetings (how to do different types of posts) and review of goals at the beginning of months 2, 3, and 4.

Investment $1250

You may also choose to purchase blocks of hours to use as needed.

Please contact me to discuss options: sandra@linkedinmentoring.com

“Like many, I was a casual user of LinkedIn for many years, not putting much effort into establishing a presence on the platform and not understanding why I should spend my energy doing so.  I noticed a tremendous positive change in my engagement metrics following Sandra’s many suggestions. Sandra is a coach in the real sense of the word: the work was always mine to perform, I would succeed or fail based on my actions. When not engaged during a coaching session, Sandra was extremely responsive to my many emails, nearly always responding within the hour or the same day. I feel much more confident and empowered now to make the best use of LinkedIn in the future.”
Greg Mendel, Leadership Facilitator and Coach,  Infrastructure Engineering Manager, Author & Chef