Adrienne Wong“Including myself, Sandra has helped several of my colleagues update their LinkedIn profiles to position themselves as experts in their fields using phrases and keywords that allow them to stand out as LinkedIn members. Her training includes analysis before the class and after class to ensure our profiles are presenting us in the best light. I highly recommend Sandra to individuals and companies offering training to employees.
Adrienne Wong, Owner/Business Operations at TeamLogicIT

Kevin Soohoo“Sandra is an excellent resource when it came to LinkedIn Coaching. She personally helped me and my CFO with some great tips. We liked her so much that we brought her in to teach a class of 25 other Leaders in our company. Thanks so much Sandra for your guidance and inspiration!”
Kevin Soohoo, CIO at Air Systems


“My firm, Pacific Consulting Group, hired Sandra to train our staff on making the most out of LinkedIn both for individual networking and firm marketing. She was super organized, explained the mechanics in concrete ways,and communicated the benefits in a way that did in fact persuade many of our employees to take action. Her follow up was excellent. Sandra has the traits you would want in a corporate trainer – she listens carefully to the client’s needs and designs a thoughtful and well-paced session, while being attentive to the unique culture and styles.”
Yvonne Nomizu, Pacific Consulting Group executive

“The linkedIn training effect is kicking in. Everybody I met this morning was talking about it. I was able to find a CEO who works for a Chinese firm that I came across when doing research. I emailed him about a collaboration opportunity and we have a meeting scheduled. I was also able to connect with a CEO who happened to be from the same province as I am – what a small world! He might become one of my first leads from LinkedIn. I will be an example of one of your most successful training stories when I have become one of the top sales people at my company by utilizing the power of LinkedIn.”
Emily Zhang, client services manager at Filice Insurance

“I have worked with Sandra for 18 months. Sandra exemplifies the trainers at Silicon Valley Training Connect. She is expert at coaching and training people and teams about many aspects of promoting and conducting business and also about optimizing LinkedIn and other networking profiles. She is charming, kind, a pleasure to work with, and sensitive to the varying needs of different clients. Having worked with many other coaches and trainers, I would choose Sandra hands down and recommend her and her work most strongly and without reservation.”
Pieter Kark, MD, executive coach

Sandra led an engaging and incisive training session for our staff on how to maximize the value of LinkedIn profiles for business development and networking. She followed up by working closely with individual staff to review their new profiles. In addition, during my own personal transition, I participated in a webinar led by Sandra that reinforced the learnings from that earlier training session and gave me new ideas for harnessing the power of LinkedIn.
Ellen McNeil, operations and research for small business consultant

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