LinkedIn Coaching for Professionals

LinkedIn CoachingWhether you’re a job seeker, a stealth job changer or a professional managing your personal brand, this coaching is for you.

My friendly coaching approach walks you through the entire process of creating a LinkedIn profile that really works. The coaching will highlight the elements that will help you stand out in the crowd and, depending on your situation, may include how to:



  • Manage your LinkedIn profile and account settings
  • Create an effective tagline (your one-liner)
  • Create a personal URL for your public LinkedIn profile
  • Optimize your education section
  • Create a catchy “summary” section
  • Delete and add new sections to highlight activities
  • Add and manage groups
  • Appropriately ask for connections
  • Request recommendations
  • Build and broaden your network

Coaching is available in individual one-to-one virtual sessions.

“Sandra is a master of both the art and the science of creating effective LinkedIn profiles and using them to best advantage. Whatever your age and comfort level with LinkedIn, she has an uncanny ability start with where you are, understand what you want LinkedIn to do for you, and bring you to where her extensive experience tells her you need to be. And if I’m any example, she makes the process far more enjoyable than it has any right to be! To get the most out of your time with her, use her initial consultation to get a sense of what she thinks you need to do to reach your LinkedIn goals and then do your homework prior to your working session.” Neil Lieberman, Chief Marketing Officer

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