LinkedIn Coaching for Professionals

Whether you’re a job seeker, a stealth job changer or a professional managing your personal brand, this coaching is for you.

My friendly coaching approach walks you through the entire process of creating a LinkedIn profile that really works. The coaching will highlight the elements that will help you stand out in the crowd and, depending on your situation, may include how to:

Manage your LinkedIn profile and account settings

  • Create an effective tagline (your one-liner)
  • Create a personal URL for your public LinkedIn profile
  • Optimize your education section
  • Create a catchy “summary” section
  • Delete and add new sections to highlight activities
  • Add and manage groups
  • Appropriately ask for connections
  • Request recommendations
  • Build and broaden your network

Coaching is available in individual or small group (two or three people) sessions.

Contact me ( or 408-320-7882) for more information.