LinkedIn Changes the Appearance of Groups

LinkedIn’s been at it again and this time I like it!  I go to my groups pages fairly often as I’m the administrator of a couple of closed groups and check regularly for requests to join. I do find it disconcerting to find any site I know and love suddenly looking/behaving differently. Perhaps it only matters when you teach about LinkedIn and find that all of a sudden your screenshot examples are completely wrong!  I have to do a sanity check occasionally.







Though I’m often not a fan of LinkedIn’s changes I like the new look for groups. The icons are larger and the activity (discussions/requests to join your group if you’re an administrator) on them show clearly in grey at the top right.

If you want to see all the rest of your groups, just click on “view more” at the bottom of the row of groups.

Also on this page there’s a list of suggested groups with sample discussions in each and an opportunity to search for a group.

If you want to see the features of the new group page click “Take a tour”

To change the order of your groups or other settings just click on the wheel to the right of the “Take a tour” button. When you hover over it, “settings” will appear.








You can still change the order in which the groups appears on the group page so that your top 6 groups appear on the first screen but as of this date it isn’t changing the order that they appear on your profile page. I expect this will be fixed soon. And it’s possible that they haven’t rolled out this change for everyone yet.