Great Manager LinkedIn Profiles as a Recruitment Tool

Competing for Talent

Sometimes I work individually with senior executives and they will then bring me in to teach a workshop for a larger group of their managers at successful Silicon Valley companies. They recognize that supporting their managers to have appealing LinkedIn profiles would be one of their most valuable tools as they recruit new employees in this very competitive market. Does it potentially mean those employees will also look more attractive to recruiters – yes, of course, it does – but they are confident that the benefit outweighs the risk.

The #1 reason given that employees give for leaving a company is that it’s because of their manager. Your potential employees are therefore looking closely at potential employer LI profiles to try and get a sense of what kind of managers your company has and who they’d be reporting to.

Statistics showing how long someone will look at your profile before they make a judgment generally refers to recruiters and hiring managers looking at potential employees but they could equally apply to potential employees looking at potential managers’ profiles. You’ve got 3 seconds to make a first impression with your picture and headline. Then maybe 20 seconds for the summary and job description.

What do your company’s managers’ LinkedIn profiles say about them as leaders and about your company as an employer of choice?

  • Do they have recognizable photos that show them as approachable?
  • Do their professional headlines clearly indicate what they do and their expertise? (i.e. will new employees learn anything from them? This is particularly true for technical managers.)
  • Do their summaries show what kind of manager they are – or is it just a list of their accomplishments?
  • Does their job history show them as a good example to follow and a likely mentor?
  • Do they have recommendations from past or present employees that indicate what kind of manager they are?
  • Do they show any personality in either their “About” section”, job descriptions or under “Volunteer Experience” or “Organizations” they’re involved with?

Does your company actively encourage all your employees and managers to have great LinkedIn profiles? If not, is it because your company operates from fear – that great profiles are just going to mean your managers and other employees will get recruited away?   Or are you confident that you have an environment that supports your current employees and you’d love to showcase your great managers and give potential employees a snapshot of what it might be like to work for your company? Heck – I ended up wanting to work for the managers where I did my most recent workshop – and trust me when I say our fields couldn’t be further apart!

Are your current managers talking about the company on LinkedIn?

Encouraging your current employees to talk about your company culture and successes is a great way to showcase an inside look at your workplace. In addition, let your current employees know when you are looking to fill a position at the company. They’re probably connected to a number of excellent potential employees on LinkedIn.

Convey your company culture through the voice of each manager  

Take a look at your own LI profile or some of your managers. What do they say about your company?   Would you want to work for them?

If you would like to discuss more with me about workshops that can improve your managers’ LI profiles, please contact me. Or, if you need a little help looking like a manager of choice on Linkedin, I would love to talk with you about the ways to make keeping up with LinkedIn easier. Please schedule a free 20-minute strategy consultation to see how I can assist you.