Embrace Your Mistakes On LinkedIn

I know it’s very uncomfortable to take risks

I often say to my clients that they need to take a few risks and that walking is really just controlled falling.  According to a science blog in the Discover magazine, “The flailing of a gymnast who’s missed a step on the balance beam might not be far off from what the rest of us experience every day. Each step we take is really a tiny fall, a mathematical model suggests. The random-looking variation in our footfalls is actually a series of corrections. Our strides are all screw-ups—but thanks to the fixes that happen without us knowing, our walking routines look like a perfect ten.”

You’re going to make mistakes on LinkedIn. Why not make the best of your missteps? Or you can get help with me, Sandra@LinkedInMentoring.com.

LinkedIn Mentoring offers a number of ways to support your use of and your ability to leverage LinkedIn, whether it’s to grow your business, find employment, raise your visibility as a thought leader and expert, or attract topnotch talent for your organization. I work in person throughout Silicon Valley or globally through online sessions with screen-sharing. I’m equally comfortable working one-to-one or in large groups, and love to “teach to fish” so clients can hit the ground running on their own LI profile.