Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes on LinkedIn

I know it’s very uncomfortable to take risks

I had just done this video on not worrying too much about making mistakes when a client called for help. He kept looking at posting in a group but every time he got close, he worried that he was doing it wrong. When he tried, it didn’t look right and he nervously deleted it. Sound like anyone you know?

We did the posting together, discovered that the link he had wouldn’t work correctly so just started again. It’s okay to make mistakes on LinkedIn (and elsewhere!) You can go back in and edit if needed, change or add hashtags or links. You can delete it if you really lose your nerve. And if all else fails, in a few hours or days, it will have slipped so far from view that it’s unlikely to ever be seen!

What holds you back from posting or commenting on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Mentoring offers a number of ways to support your use of and your ability to leverage LinkedIn, whether it’s to grow your business, find employment, raise your visibility as a thought leader and expert, or attract topnotch talent for your organization. I work globally through online sessions with screen-sharing. I’m equally comfortable working one-to-one or in large groups, and love to “teach to fish” so clients can hit the ground running on their own LI profile.