I am a LinkedIn specialist who works with individuals, teams, and companies to create and manage their LinkedIn presence for dynamic results.  From my teaching background and more than 20 years of training experience in Silicon Valley, I understand the finer points of LinkedIn technology, am able to demystify and break down its concepts into consumable pieces, and to teach steps that can be implemented immediately so my clients get noticed and get results. Through individual coaching and customized workshops, I work with busy professionals from a variety of industries, high tech to service businesses, and with any level of social media experience.

I love to get people excited and confident in using LinkedIn, and to make it easy (even fun) for them to transform their profile and capitalize on the power of this online tool. I also frequently write and speak on topics related to LinkedIn.


My Story

Foreigner – that’s me, though it doesn’t show

I was born in England and grew up in Canada. I loved my life there but my parents had other ideas, dragging me screaming and crying back to England for college. As with most growth experiences, it turned out to be an amazing time of travel, crazy adventures, and opportunities.

I worked on a kibbutz in Israel and hitchhiked throughout the country (yes, there are stories to tell!), and took trips to other countries – Ghana, Spain, Morocco. Then, with a Diploma in Theatre Arts and my shiny teaching credentials in hand, I joined a volunteer organization that sent me to Thailand to teach English to Thai high school students.

I loved everything about living in Thailand. The people are extraordinary and welcomed me with open arms. The culture is rich and beautiful and full of opportunities. I took a contract job at the British International School where my students owned me, heart and soul. Anything I learned, I shared with them. I learned to scuba dive so bought a large fish tank to the classroom to teach them about undersea life, and took them on a field trip for a demonstration by my diving buddies.

The drama years  – the stages of stages

Of course, I also brought my students into my theatre world – they got to act too! I also directed and produced a number of plays through the community English-speaking theatre association. I became a part-time broadcaster on the local Thai radio which synchronized its English broadcasts with the Thai news on TV (you can imagine the interesting translations that often happened). We were shut down every time there was a military coup, a regular occurrence in Thailand.

At the enthusiastic encouragement of my American friends, I couldn’t resist the temptation to go to America to continue my studies. I settled in California, and continued in theatre, directing and acting. I wrote the first student play to ever be produced at that university, and played the female lead in a local production of Elephant Man. Though I was a good director and teacher, my acting skills were modest – I think the British accent that got me that role (being a foreigner has its advantages).

I love to say I met my husband in Paradise – California, that is!  His friends were certain that I just wanted to get a Green Card, and my friends were amazed I’d consider staying in one place for a man. The result? Over 38 years of marriage and two amazing children – now grown and very successfully out on their own.

Laid off and re-inventing yourself – been there, done that!

For the next 11 years I worked with the University of California Extension, Berkeley,  and then 14 years with the University of California Extension, Santa Cruz, eventually running my own department focused exclusively on offering customized corporate training to Silicon Valley companies, using the many wonderful instructors from the Extension. I gained a deep understanding of training, corporate organization, and the Silicon Valley mindset.

The University went through many ups and downs, and during one of the downs, I was given the opportunity to leave with benefits.

And what does every good Silicon Valley denizen do? Startup!

It was a challenge to find something where a company would believe I had transferable skills and so I decided to start my own business.  Over the years I’ve settled on my wheelhouse and best-seller – LinkedIn coaching and training, and I love it.

This work combines my theatre background (I used to make people look good on stage and now I make them look good on the LinkedIn stage), my teaching (my focus is on teaching people to use LinkedIn), and every marketing skill I ever learned (I completed UCSC Extension’s marketing certificate program; my final position there was as Director of Communications in the Marketing Dept.)

To learn more about looking good on your LinkedIn stage, schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session with me.


*A Woman-Owned Business